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When one hates drywall.<br><br>I passed that point a while back. <br>Being that I broke in on the commercial side I had to learn metal sud framing and acoustic ceiling too which added to my time in trade.<br>There was a time when I liked drywall, young man's sport though and the fun of it kind of gets ruined by the pain of an old man. Union paychecks helped greatly in the fun process. <br><br>Now days though with the economy union jobs, while still going on, are not in abundance as before. The halfway decent non union shops have dropped their journeyman pay rate from around $27=$25 down to $20 and hour while the scumbag sops have their people working for $15. I tried that once but not for long.<br><br>Problem is with two spinal surgeries even the act of framing 20ga walls tears my old ass up. Grid guys are locked in so we have to wait for them to die off to get that gravy.<br><br>So an old employer throws an ad out there for framers, I call, got rehired, been framing all last week. <br><br>These new fangled safety rules.<br>I wanna know who makes this crap up.<br>I remember when your hardhat had to be on entering the jobsite and walking about from here to there. Once where you were working we had the option of ditching the damn thing. In 30 years of commercial construction I have yet to see a life saved or imjury prevented by a hardhat.<br>Safety lasses. Sneeze at them and they scratch, work with them on they fog up and now we need to have a face shield to use the chopsaw. The only time I appreciate safety glasses is when I'm hanging ceilings or over head work where something can fall into my eyeball. I have yet to see an eyeball saved by safety glasses. I have seen this poor guy trip and fall getting 30 some stitches across his face because of fogged up safety glasses.<br>Fall protection. Have no doubt that if I'm in the air I'll go with the fall protection but if I'm in a lift working a remodel, blasting track to the deck with hvac and conduit and all kinds of crap all around me I don't need some idiot telling me I ca't stand on the rail or even be up there without fall protection. I have never seen a commercial drywall guy take a fall out of a lift.<br>Oh. We were also told that we couldn't scoot around on our Perry Scaffolds or be pushed/pulled anywhere but have to actually get off the dang thing to move over.  Again, 30 yeas scooting around on them things and never seen an accident.<br>Yet stilts are ok?<br><br>There comes a point when you realize you actually hate your job.<br>
Category: Drywall Post By: KARL DOMINGUEZ (Bakersfield, CA), 03/15/2018

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