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I found out today A home I finished up In November still has no paint.The painter won't start till all the trim is up.[The h/o is doing the trim work themselves] I told the h/o when I walked out ,You need to seal this board Asap. I spent alot off effort to keep your home dry while I was here. I walked out of a home today [no heat] same thing..I went To extremes to dry out my work and keep the house heaters ,dehumidifier 24-7...electric heat at night. I asked the h/o when the painters were going to start..They say there doing the project out of pocket so it may be A few months I said no! You can't do that ..This board needs to be sealed. Atleast a prime coat soon..Same deal,, she says the painters wont start till the trims on. The production homes I do The painters walk in within days for there prime coat ,,then the trim goes up and the painters come back for the colours. The painters I speak of are not spray. So why do they need the trim on? Just prime the damn thing .. Then you can take your own sweet time after that. Why wait for the board to turn yellow?? I guess my point is..I like the steady pace a g/c runs his jobs . Home owners are a pita to deal with at times
Category: Drywall Post By: GLEN ALVARADO (Champaign, IL), 02/15/2018

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