Forum Title: Drywall Screw Pops in House
Hey all, I'm a roofing contractor and have some knowledge of drywall, but it's not really my forte. I bought a house in 2011 that was built in 2003. Recently, I saw a small crack in my foundation that I had checked out, and was told that it was nothing serious since one side was no higher than the others. I had my carpets redone and the slab seemed to be in good shape. However, it got me looking for certain things, like stairstepped cracks at windows and doors. None of those are showing up, but I did find screw pops. Throughout my house there are screw pops on interior and exterior walls. You cannot see the screw itself in any location, but you can see the outline of it behind the paint and mud. One spot in the bathroom I pulled off the mud to check and make sure they were screws. Upon pressing on the drywall it doesn't appear that there is any movement there, save for one spot where two walls intersect at my stairway where I think a warped piece of sheetrock was used. I can't say exactly how many of these are around, but I would guess around 100 throughout my 2,500 square foot house. I have textured ceiling and none are visible there. I can also see in my entryway, which is about 20' tall, some barely visible tape seams. Being a roofer, I am familiar with roofing nail pops caused by expansion and contraction of decking. My thought is that these nail pops have been here all along and I just never took the time to notice them. The drywall seems to be pretty secure to the wall. I am thinking that they built the house quickly and the wood drying out in the studs caused these pops some time ago and I'm just noticing it due to really looking at is closely for the first time. Does anyone have any thoughts on the situation and what it might be from, and how should I go about fixing it?
Category: Drywall Post By: ANITA MENDEZ (League City, TX), 02/22/2018

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